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Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara provides a team-based approach for your health care needs. A partnership between you and us will enable the best possible outcome.

Patient Rights
  • To receive medical treatment treated with dignity and respect.
  • To receive information bout your medical condition, planned treatment in a way that you can understand and make a decision.
  • To identify your care givers by an identification badge.
  • To receive care in a conducive and secure environment.
  • To be assured of the confidentiality of your medical records and to receive a copy of your medical report upon request.
  • To have the right to choose the Consultant and to be able to seek a second medical opinion.
  • To be informed of estimate charges and to see itemised bill on request.
  • To receive information on policies and procedures regarding organ donation and freedom of choice.
  • To be informed of the grievance mechanism.
Patient Responsibilities
  • Be involved in your health care and follow your plan of care.
  • Provide accurate and updated personal information and health status.
  • Ask questions to understand better.
  • Treat our care givers and other patients with courtesy and respect.
  • To be responsible for safe keeping of own valuables.
  • Abide by all hospital’s rules and regulations.
  • Meet financial obligations.
  • To be responsible for any consequences should you leave hospital against medical advice (AOR).