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Ageing is an inevitable part of life, but choosing a healthy lifestyle can make a big difference in the way we look and feel. Health screenings are an important part of preventive health because they lead to early detection and treatment of chronic diseases.

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as heart disease, diabetes and hypertension brought about by modern living can be kept at bay with the right treatment, dietary intake and regular exercises. Step into our Screening & Preventive Health to get yourself checked today.

Health Screening Packages

At Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara, we aspire to design our health programmes from the patient’s perspective. We provide a wide variety of packages to choose from to best address your personal health and lifestyle concerns. Please find more information below about the programmes that we offer.

Men's Health

Women's Health

Lite Packages for Men and Women


Sexual Health

Blood Investigation

Eye Health (Kids)

Eye Health (Adults)

Health Screening Programme

Cancer Screening

Feminine Health

Preparation Before Health Screening

What you need to know before your health screening

  • You are required to fast for a minimum of 8-10 hours prior to your health screening. Only plain water is allowed.
  • Please inform our team if you have any pre-existing conditions or if you are on any long-term medication (e.g. for high blood pressure)
  • Please bring along our NRIC or passport (for foreigner) and / or company Guarantee Letter (if applicable)
  1. To schedule your appointment with us as walk-in cases could result in a longer waiting time.
  2. If you wish to have any additional screening programmes (elective add-ons) on the same day as you appointment, please try to provide all of your selections in the same appointment request or before the health screening has started.
Stress Test
  • Our doctor will assess if you are fit enough to do this test beforehand.
  • You are advised to wear sports / jogging shoes and appropriate sports attire for this as sweating is expected.
  • Please avoid all caffeinated products (including coffee, tea, energy drinks and chocolate) in the morning prior to the appointment.
  • Do make sure you have at least six hours of sleep.
  • Taken morning dose of your regular medicines.
    • Avoid heavy meals.
Dear Ladies
  • Book your appointment with us approximately 10 days before or after your first day of menstruation (period).
  • If you are scheduled for a mammogram or breast ultrasound, do not apply any deodorant, powder or lotion over breasts and armpits on the day of the examination.
  • For patients who will be doing an X-rays as part of their package, please be sure that you are not pregnant at the time as X-rays can be harmful to the foetus. If you are unsure, please enquire with our team on how to proceed.

Other Services


Adult Vaccination

Vaccines offer protection from various communicable diseases and vaccination for adults are recommended based on your age, prior vaccinations, health, lifestyle, occupation and travel destinations. At our Screening & Preventive Health, we provide a wide range of adult immunization services and certificates of immunization for our patients.

Standard Adult Vaccination for Patient above 18 years old

Vaccines Number of Dose *
Tetatus 1 Dose, Booster every 10 years
Hepatitis A 2 Doses (0-6 to 12 month)
Hepatitis A & B 3 Doses (0-1-6 month)
Hepatitis B 3 Doses (0-1-6 month)
HPV (6,11,16,18,32,33,45,52,58) 3 Doses (0-2-6 month)
Influenza A & B 1 Dose, yearly
Measles, Mumps, & Rubella 2 Doses (0 -1 month) / 1 dose if previously vaccinated
Meningococcal 1 or more Doses depending on risk factor and clinical requirements
Pneumococcal 1 or more Doses depending on risk factor and clinical requirements
Rabies Vaccine Pre-exposure, 3 Doses (0-7-28 days)
Post-exposure, 3 Doses (0-7-28 days)
TDAP (Tetanus, reduced diphtheria & pertussis) 1 Doses, TD booster every 10 years
Typhoid 1 Dose, Booster every 3 years
Varicella zoster (Chicken Pox) 2 Doses (0-6 weeks)
Yellow Fever Vaccine 1 Dose, Lifetime

*The quantity of doses is subject to alteration based on the type and brand of vaccines.

Note: The number of doses indicated in the table is for adults. Please consult with our healthcare professionals for personalized recommendations based on your health status and vaccination history.

Vaccine recommendations by Health, Age, Lifestyle & Occupation (HALO)

Category Target Recommended Vaccines
Rabies Vaccine Sexually active HPV, Hep B
Physically active with risk of injury Tetanus, TDAP
Food lover & handler Typhoid, Hep A, Cholera
Patient carer Hep B, MMR, Influenza, TDAP
Travellers & students enrolling abroad Travelling abroad Influenza, Pneumococcal, Meningococcal
Visiting areas with poor sanitation & water hygiene Typhoid, Hep A
Visiting Africa, South America, Asia and/or Middle East Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis
Studying abroad Meningococcal, Tdap, MMR, Chicken Pox
Umrah and Hajj Meningococcal, Pheumococcal, Influenza
Parents-to-be Planning for a baby MMR, Chicken Pox, Tdap
Pregnant** Tdap, Influenza*
Parents & Childminders Caring, living, or working with babies & children Influenza, Polio, Tdap
Advancing age Above 50 years old Influenza, Pertussis, Pneumococcal, Shingles
Caring for the elderly Influenza, Pertussis, Pneumococcal
Chronic diseases Chronic lung disease, diabetes, diabetes, heart disease Influenza, Pneumococcal
Chronic liver disease Hep A, Hep B, Influenza, Pneumococcal

*Only certain influenza vaccines are indicated for pregnant women.

** Vaccinations for pregnant women are recommended during specific periods of gestation. It is advisable to consult with your healthcare professionals for guidance and personalized recommendations

What should I bring to my vaccination appointment?

Please bring a valid identification card, any relevant medical records, and information about any allergies or previous adverse reactions to vaccines. Some vaccines, such as Hepatitis and TDAP, may require an antibody test prior to administration; it’s advisable to bring these test results if available.

Why is it important for adults to get vaccinated?

Vaccines are an important part of preventive healthcare for adults. They helps protect you from serious disease that can be prevented, such as influenza, pneumonia, and tetanus. As you age, your immune system may not work as well as it did when you were younger, making you more susceptible to infectious. Vaccines can help boost you immune system and protect you from these disease.

Are there any side effects associated with the vaccines?

Like any medical intervention, vaccines may have side effects. Common side effects are usually mild and temporary, such as soreness at the injection site or mild flu-like symptoms. Serious side effects are rare. If you have concerns about potential side effects, our healthcare professionals are available to discuss them with you.

Can I get vaccinated if I have underlying health conditions?

Individuals with underlying health conditions are encouraged to consult with our healthcare professionals before receiving vaccinations. We will assess your medical history and provide personalized recommendations based on your health status.

Can I take two or more vaccines in one visit?

In some cases, it may be possible to receive multiple vaccines during the same visit. However, the decision will depend on the specific vaccines, your health status, and the recommendation of our healthcare professionals. Please discuss this during your appointment scheduling or consultation.

Are patients below 18 years old eligible for vaccination at Screening and Preventive Health?

Yes, patients above 13 years old are eligible for vaccination at Screening and Preventive Health. However, it’s important to note that the dosage for patients in this age group might differ from that for adults above 18 years old. For personalized advice on vaccination for individuals between 13 and 18 years old, we recommend consulting with our healthcare professionals. They will provide guidance tailored to the specific needs for younger patients, ensuring their health and safety during the vaccination process.

Corporate Health Screening

Our Screening & Preventive Health encourages a healthy workforce that contributes to enhanced employee welfare, higher productivity and better quality of life for your employees. Our Centre is committed to catering to your organisation’s healthcare needs, delivering competitive corporate rates through our wide range of health screening programmes.

For assistance, please email:

Occupational Health

Our occupational health service focuses on providing prevention and treatment for work-related health issues. Below are a few examples of what we offer:

  • Pre-employment health check-ups
  • Medical compensations assessment
  • Screening for exposure to workplace hazards
  • Workplace risk assessment and contact tracing
  • Health talks and advisory programmes

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