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Corporate Clientship

Every successful business recognise their human capital as their greatest asset. Intensive market research and social analysis have long proven that people prefer to work and serve with companies that respect and care for them as human beings, not just staff. Health and medical benefits remain a top job benefit for job seekers, while working environment and career prospects are among main reasons for low turnover rates.

Being our Corporate Member catapults your organisation forth as a caring and discerning employer who invests in the health and wellness of their people. 

Enjoy these benefits when you join our family of Corporate Members:

Join Us Now!

  1. Fill in the Corporate Client Application Form
  2. Submit the Application Form with these documents:
    • Audited Financial Report
    • Certified copy of Form 49 : Directors’ Particulars
    • Certified copy of Form 24 : Share Capital Information
  3. Send your completed forms to the Marketing Department. For details, please call 03-6287 1393 or 03-6287 1198.