Sweaty Palm

Sweaty palm, or medically known as palmar hyperhidrosis, results in unpredictable and excessive wetness of the hand to the point of dripping. It starts in childhood or adolescence and has a significant impact on the patient. The excessive wetness of the hand can result in:

  • Impairment in schoolwork and performance during exams
  • Social interactions – a simple handshake can be stressful and frustrating
  • Impact on career choice
  • Impairment in personal relationships

These will eventually lead to emotional concerns such as decreased confidence and depression. It is therefore important to treat palmar sweating. Treatments are readily available and successful in the majority of patients.

The first line of treatment for sweaty palms is usually conservative. Some patients with mild hyperhidrosis find these therapies very effective in the short term.

Individuals with moderate to severe sweating, or those who do not experience the preferred results from conservative therapy, may be eligible for the highly effective, minimally-invasive endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS). It is a well-established treatment for palmar hyperhidrosis and is often considered the ultimate solution to sweaty palms. The aim is to reduce the sympathetic outflow to the palms whilst preserving other sympathetic nerve functions.

Patients can expect to be in hospital for one night after the procedure and usually return to work, school and regular activities within a few days.

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